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Aggressive Driving Containment Course

for Law Enforcement Personnel

Aggressive Driving is a challenge for all of us.  Crowded roads, busy schedules, and a non-stop parade of poor or even dangerous drivers around every corner.  It becomes so easy to respond in kind and make poor decisions behind the wheel.

Law Enforcement Personnel have an even more difficult assignment.  To contain their own natural aggressive driving tendencies and handle all of the distractions that come with the job AND to deal with other drivers on the road and help them change their driving behavior.

This is why AIPSF has created the Aggressive Driving Containment Course for Law Enforcement Personnel.  The course helps Law Enforcement Personnel correct their own driving habits and gives solid strategies to deal with the aggressive drivers they pull over in the line of duty.

Key Course Objectives include...

1. Understanding aggressive driving police initiatives and federal government    guidelines
2. Defining and identifying aggressive driving
3. Explaining the Threshold Method for identifying aggressive driving
4. Recognizing vague Vs. specific language in aggressive driving legislation
5. Explaining the dual role of traffic enforcement and traffic education
6. Use of TEE Cards during a traffic stop
7. Learning techniques for handling angry drivers
8. Analyzing emotional intelligence choice points using scenario analysis of news accounts of road rage duels
9.  Describing the causes and prevention of emotionally impaired driving
10. Describing the mentality of vigilante motorists
11. Distinguishing between aggressive, defensive and supportive driving styles
12. Analyzing your own aggressiveness as drivers

This is a course that saves lives!  AIPSF holds courses regularly in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada or we can come to your department if you can provide a classroom and at least 30 students.

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